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The History Of Our Grange

Glastonbury Grange was organized February 17, 1885 by National Deputy Sherman Kimberly of Connecticut with 24 Charter members.  We were Incorporated January 13, 1950.

Our present officers are:  Daniel Posuniak, Master (President);  Tom Breen, Overseer;  Ann Gilnack, Lecturer;   Anderew Bell, Steward;  ,Beverly Bell Assistant Steward;  Ann Posuniak, Lady Assistant Steward;  Priscilla Schmartz, Chaplain;  Kay Ruff, Treasurer; Kathryn Ruff, Secretary;  Mary Charles Howe, Gatekeeper; Doris Monaco, Ceres; Priscilla Schmartz, Pomona;  ; and 3 members of the Exec Committee:  Herb Grommeck, Tom Breen,  Doris Monaco. 

SOME HISTORY:  The First Glastonbury Fair was held the 2nd Saturday of October 1943.  Everyone in town looked forward to this annual event.  The 15th Annual Fair (1960) had the largest crowd to date.  More than 3000 entered the fair grounds.  It was a beautiful "fall" day.  The last Grange Fair was held October 1982.  Following the closing of the fair the grange held a Bake and Tag Sale twice a year,  spring and fall, until 2016.

Also in 1960 the Grange Pool was turned over to the Town.  1960 was a busy year.  The Grange pool is a popular place to be each summer.  Here we are in 2019 and the pool needs repairs before it can be opened this summer.  The pool is now 59 years (young) old.  It was announced in the Glastonbury Citizen, January 10, 2019,  that repairs will be made to the pool so that it can be opened this coming summer.

A number of years ago we served lunch to folks building a home in East Hartford by Habitat for Humanity.  We have been a busy group.  

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